Telling Florida Philanthropy’s Story With Bigger, Better Data

FC_AllianceFlorida Philanthropic Network is excited to be part of a new national strategic partnership that aims to achieve a dramatic improvement in the collection and sharing of data on philanthropy.

Last week the Foundation Center and the Forum of Regional Associations of Grantmakers announced this new alliance. The partnership will result in the collection of more comprehensive, accurate and up-to-date data on grantmaking in our country. These data will be used in new regional research reports and new regional data visualization tools that will help us do a better job of telling the story of philanthropy in our region and help inform funding decisions and track giving trends. Continue reading

Capping the Charitable Deduction Will Hurt Floridians

As Congress reconvenes for the year-end lame duck session to address a number of critical tax and spending issues related to the fiscal cliff, there are reports that a cap on the value of the charitable deduction is under consideration as a potential short-term revenue solution.  Although these discussions deal with myriad complex issues, here are some key reasons why capping the charitable deduction is not a good idea for our communities and our state: Continue reading

Five FPN Members Among “100 Best Corporate Citizens” for 2012

We’re pleased to announce that five corporate members of Florida Philanthropic Network have been recognized on Corporate Responsibility Magazine’s 12th annual 100 Best Corporate Citizens List, known as the world’s top corporate responsibility ranking based on publicly available information: The Mosaic Company, Walt Disney Co., JPMorgan Chase & Co., Wells Fargo Co. and CSX Corp.

Mosaic was ranked No. 28 — up from No. 67 in 2011 — in recognition of its conservation and environmental stewardship efforts (No. 6 on the environment rank), as well as its financial and governance transparency (No. 11 on the corporate governance rank). Mosaic also placed high on the human rights (No. 18) and philanthropy (No. 31) rankings. Continue reading

New FPN Report Shows Recession’s Toll on Florida’s Charitable Giving, But Outlook Is Brighter

Florida Philanthropic Network’s latest research report documents the serious toll that the economic recession has taken on charitable giving in Florida. The report confirms that the combined charitable giving of individuals, foundations and corporations in Florida dropped 8.6 percent between 2008 and 2009, which follows a double-digit decline the previous year. But on the bright side, the state’s charitable giving is estimated to have stabilized in 2010 and rebounded slightly in 2011.

The recession appears to have had an even greater negative impact on charitable giving in Florida than in the country as a whole. This is not surprising when you consider that Florida was hit harder by the recession than most other states. A growing number of Floridians have been forced to cut back on their charitable donations as they face new financial hardships. Continue reading

Florida Foundation Giving Expected to Be Stable in 2012, New FPN Report Shows

For anyone who’s interested in Florida philanthropy and Florida’s nonprofit sector, there’s a great deal of interesting news in FPN’s just-released 2012 Florida Grantmaking Outlook Report. Based on a statewide survey of grantmakers, the report estimates that charitable giving by Florida foundations and corporate givers will remain stable in 2012 from 2011 levels, at about $1.26 billion. Grantmaking stability is good news for a nonprofit sector that has seen a lot of instability in recent years.

The survey revealed that more than two-thirds – 69 percent – of Florida grantmakers expect their total grants to stay the same in 2012 from 2011 levels.  Less than one-fourth of grantmakers anticipate an increase in their giving this year, and just 8 percent foresee a drop in their grant dollars.

The report uncovered several important grantmaking trends for 2012. The biggest changes that Florida grantmakers plan to make in their support in 2012 compared to last year is to increase their funding for nonprofits’ public policy or advocacy work, with 29 percent of funders saying they plan to increase their support for this type of work in 2012. A significant percentage of grantmakers also indicated their intentions to increase capacity building/strategic planning grants, program support and general/operating support.  Continue reading