The Next Big Conversation in Florida Philanthropy: The Value of Partnerships to Create Lasting Change


The theme of Florida Philanthropic Network’s 2015 Statewide Summit on Philanthropy, which is being held on January 29-30, is “The Next Big Conversations in Florida Philanthropy.” In the spirit of the Summit’s theme, this post is part of a series where we’ve asked some of our member leaders to share their thoughts on the next big conversations that should be taking place in Florida’s philanthropic sector. For more information on the Summit, visit

Thank you to Bruce Blackwell, Executive Director and CEO of The Florida Bar Foundation, for sharing his thoughts on the next big conversation in Florida philanthropy. 

The philanthropic community is often engaged in developing solutions to societal problems that involve many other players. On their own, charities can only do so much. But with the right allies, far-reaching and lasting changes can be achieved. That’s why the next big conversations in Florida philanthropy need to involve partnerships. Continue reading