Florida Philanthropic Network Issues Statement on Extending Healthcare Coverage in Florida

Kids HealthcareWith the Florida Legislature in session and healthcare coverage being an important topic, Florida Philanthropic Network, through our Florida Health Funders (FHF) member affinity group, has adopted the following position statement on the issue:

Extending healthcare coverage to more Floridians is crucial to the state’s future. As philanthropic funders of health in the state of Florida, we witness daily the importance of healthcare coverage and its positive effects on our residents, businesses and economy. Florida Philanthropic Network’s Florida Health Funders group encourages Floridians to become educated on the funding of healthcare and to raise their voices on this critical issue.

Because healthcare is so important to Floridians’ quality of life and has such a significant social and economic impact across our state, FPN works with our members to be a voice for philanthropy on important health policy issues for the state. FPN believes that encouraging the public to become educated about key policy issues is important to ensuring that Floridians can provide meaningful input to their leaders.

FPN has shared our position on this issue with Florida Governor Rick Scott and key Florida House and Senate leaders. We have also provided FPN’s FHF members with resources to help them communicate on this issue with their state legislators, if they so choose.

FPN’s Florida Health Funders member affinity group is comprised of FPN members who are making deep, long-term investments in improving healthcare outcomes in Florida. As with all policy issues that we address, FPN’s position on this issue does not necessarily reflect the views of all FPN members, or all members of FPN’s Florida Health Funders member affinity group.

Florida Philanthropic Network works to be a strong voice for Florida’s philanthropic sector on policy issues related specifically to strengthening and growing philanthropy, such as preserving the charitable deduction. FPN’s Board of Directors also believes that there are times when the philanthropic sector needs to lend its powerful voice to critical state policy issues related directly to the areas that our members support with their funding and community leadership.

If you have any questions about FPN’s public policy work, feel free to contact me at 813-983-7396, dave@fpnetwork.org.

– David Biemesderfer, President & CEO, Florida Philanthropic Network. Follow me at @DBiemesderfer.

1 thought on “Florida Philanthropic Network Issues Statement on Extending Healthcare Coverage in Florida

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