Capping the Charitable Deduction Will Hurt Floridians

As Congress reconvenes for the year-end lame duck session to address a number of critical tax and spending issues related to the fiscal cliff, there are reports that a cap on the value of the charitable deduction is under consideration as a potential short-term revenue solution.  Although these discussions deal with myriad complex issues, here are some key reasons why capping the charitable deduction is not a good idea for our communities and our state: Continue reading

Community Foundations Have A Notable Year in Growing Florida’s Philanthropic Legacy

One of the perks of running a statewide philanthropy association is that I see on a daily basis many heartwarming stories of Floridians who give their time and money to make our state a better place in which to live. The past year I’ve observed a number of particularly inspiring stories of Floridians who have made significant contributions to strengthening Florida’s philanthropic assets, working in partnership with their local community foundation. Continue reading