Florida Foundation Giving Expected to Be Stable in 2012, New FPN Report Shows

For anyone who’s interested in Florida philanthropy and Florida’s nonprofit sector, there’s a great deal of interesting news in FPN’s just-released 2012 Florida Grantmaking Outlook Report. Based on a statewide survey of grantmakers, the report estimates that charitable giving by Florida foundations and corporate givers will remain stable in 2012 from 2011 levels, at about $1.26 billion. Grantmaking stability is good news for a nonprofit sector that has seen a lot of instability in recent years.

The survey revealed that more than two-thirds – 69 percent – of Florida grantmakers expect their total grants to stay the same in 2012 from 2011 levels.  Less than one-fourth of grantmakers anticipate an increase in their giving this year, and just 8 percent foresee a drop in their grant dollars.

The report uncovered several important grantmaking trends for 2012. The biggest changes that Florida grantmakers plan to make in their support in 2012 compared to last year is to increase their funding for nonprofits’ public policy or advocacy work, with 29 percent of funders saying they plan to increase their support for this type of work in 2012. A significant percentage of grantmakers also indicated their intentions to increase capacity building/strategic planning grants, program support and general/operating support. 

One of the most significant drops in funding this year is likely to be support for nonprofits’ capital campaigns, with 19 percent of grantmakers surveyed saying they expect to decrease their capital funding. Multi-year grants could also see a decline.

A significant number of Florida foundations and corporate givers are also considering making changes in 2012 beyond their grantmaking to help nonprofits and communities in the state. The biggest change by far: 79 percent of Florida grantmakers plan to increase their collaboration and/or partnership with their grantees and/or with other funders. The survey also showed that nearly half of all grantmakers are considering an increase in the nonmonetary assistance they provide to nonprofits, such as by offering technical assistance, holding community convenings on key issues, and encouraging employee volunteerism.

Florida grantmakers said their greatest concerns regarding the future health of Florida’s nonprofit sector are increased demands on nonprofits for their services at a time when their funding is being reduced, or potentially reduced, particularly from government sources, which dwarfs funding from foundation sources.

You can download FPN’s 2012 Florida Grantmaking Outlook Report from our website.

– David Biemesderfer, President & CEO, Florida Philanthropic Network

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